Adam Turréy

Founder of Lucid Motion

Greetings, athletes! My name is Adam Turréy and I am the Founder of Lucid Motion. I am excited to share my program with you in the hopes that it will help you achieve your fitness goals and generate more overall participation in the world of endurance sports. I am a USA Triathlon and NASM Certified Coach, full-time father and husband. I also occupy a full-time job so I am no stranger to the challenge of balancing life and fitness!

My journey into endurance sports was not a strait path. As a former collegiate baseball pitcher, the only endurance experience I had was running during the season to maintain fitness and burn off any soreness between starts. I did not dabble in cycling and swimming until several years later. It wasn't until 2017 when I witnessed an Ironman event up-close that I became inspired to throw my hat in and see if I had what it takes. After tirelessly researching triathlon training resources, I assembled my first training plan. I learned quickly how much discipline, consistency and life-style adaption endurance sports training required. I learned new concepts, such as recovery, strength training and nutrition and how integral they were to staying healthy and showing up in the best shape possible on race day. I achieved the greatest fitness of my life and despite my regimented training, I had new energy that made me a better husband, father and employee.

In 2021 I participated in my first triathlon event in Boulder, Colorado for the IRONMAN Boulder 70.3. Immediately I was overcome with the comradery of the fellow participants. In my prior life of competitive sports, the only objective I knew was to beat your opponent--triathlon was different. Here, participants shared course tips, asked me where I was from and how I prepared. People I didn't know rung cowbells for me when I passed and shared a beer after crossing the finish line. This experience affirmed my love for endurance sports.

I formed Lucid Motion to help others revel in the satisfaction of becoming fit and participating in endurance activities. It brings me joy to offer affordable and comprehensive coaching to individuals with little to no experience in endurance training or who have experience and want to take their performance to the next level. Please contact me for a free consultation to assess your fitness goals and answer any of your questions.

Adam Turréy: