Program Background

Lucid Motion is an affordable remote coaching program made for individuals with time-constrained schedules. Lead by USA Certified Triathlon Coach, Adam Turréy, Lucid Motion takes athletes of any athletic background and applies industry-proven workouts and techniques that enable individuals to reach their fitness and performance goals.

Workouts are tailored specific to the athletes schedule and fitness level. Depending on the athletes goals, most workouts demand 30 minutes to 1-hour daily. Workout results are monitored and adjusted depending on the level of observed exertion and feedback with the athlete.

Lucid Motion's Goals:

  • Increase and maintain participation in endurance sports amongst minority groups and women

  • Motivate individuals to dedicate 30-minutes to 1-hour/daily towards becoming better versions of themselves

  • Help individuals with little to no athletic background begin and maintain participation in endurance sports

  • Significantly improve the performance of beginner and intermediate level athletes in the endurance sport of their choice

Why is Lucid Motion so Affordable?

Cost to Participate in Endurance Sports Prohibits Entry

Endurance sport participation has steadily declined over the past decade. Major contributing factors include cost and time. The cost of equipment, entry fees and travel to events makes participation disproportionately difficult for individuals without white-collar jobs. In addition, the cost of most triathlon coaches ranges from $130 - $300. Most endurance coaches only provide unlimited communication and feedback to their clients if they pay for the programs most expensive package. Lucid Motion wants to ensure that cost of quality coaching is not a prohibitive factor and that clients receive ample support so they will observe performance and physical gains, remain healthy and grow the sport.

Affordability will Diversify Field of Participants

Endurance sports currently suffer from an extreme lack of demographic diversity. In triathlon, only 2% of participants are Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic. 30% of triathlon participants are women. Information gathered by a 2015 USA Triathlon study shows that the median income for triathletes is $126,000. 80% of triathlon participants either work white-collar jobs—professions such medicine, law, and accounting—or are enrolled as students. Running USA surveys from 2015 and 2017 found that roughly 75% of runners earn more than $50,000, and about 85% work in white-collar, service, or educational occupations. A 2013 report by USA Cycling shows that 60% of individuals who compete in cycling events have household incomes above $75,000 and that 66% of cyclists have at least one undergraduate degree. These statistics highlight the huge disparity that exists amongst various demographic groups within endurance sports.

Lucid Motion's affordable coaching is intended to increase participation and make endurance sports more accessible for underrepresented demographic groups. With a diverse field of participants, endurance sports will be more inclusive and reflective of the diverse population that exists in the United States.

Obesity and Lack of Exercise in the United States

The obesity rate in the United States has sharply increased over the past decade. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity prevalence between the years 2000 and 2017 grew from 30.5% to 41.9%. Between these years, cases of "severe obesity" grew from 4.7% to 9.2%. These numbers have likely increased since the start of the pandemic considering the increased cases of depression, isolation and gym closures.

In addition, Americans are not engaging in the recommended minimal amounts of daily exercise, which is approximately 30-minutes per day. A study performed by the RAND Corporation between 2014 and 2016 examined the average free time for 32,000 men and women. The study group reported having no less than four and one-half hours of free time per day. These findings were consistent amongst all respondents no matter their income, age, gender or ethnicity.

Lucid Motion's program works with clients to find time in the day to fit at least 30-minutes of exercise. Family, jobs and other obligations challenge our ability to improve our health and fitness. For this reason, Lucid Motion offers adaptable scheduling at no additional cost.