Monthly Custom Plans

Monthly Custom Plans

Lucid Motion offers monthly top-rated training plans for an incredibly low-price. Each plan is carefully designed by a certified coach using evidence-based training techniques from USA Triathlon and The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

How Monthly Custom Plans Work:

  1. Upon filling out the Custom Coaching Plan Intake Form (see bottom of page), a certified coach will contact the applicant within 24-hours to schedule a free follow-up consultation.

  2. Athletes will be asked to complete a remote athletic assessment to observe range of motion and body compensations. This information will be used to design the athletes workout plan.

  3. After the athlete submits their remote athletic assessment, they will receive their training plan within 2-3 business days.

Lucid Motion's Monthly Custom Coaching Plans come with many perks allowing coaches to review performance and make appropriate adjustments so athletes to reach their goals. Athletes will gain access to several benefits that include the following:

  • Structured daily training plan from a USA Triathlon & NASM Certified Coach

  • Free TrainingPeaks account with exportable workouts that can be followed on a watch, phone or computer

  • Monthly program adaptability depending on athlete's schedule

  • In-depth monthly progress analysis

  • Endurance, strength & recovery training with accompanying videos

Activities Supported:

  • Triathlon (Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman, Full-Ironman)

  • Running (5k, 10k, Half-Marathon, Marathon)

  • Cycling, Mountain Biking & Gravel Bike

  • General Fitness/Strength Training

How to sign up for Monthly Custom Plans:

  1. Fill out the Custom Coaching Plan Intake Form (see below). You will be proving information on which endurance activity you are interested in, your athletic history, fitness level, contact information, availability and other information.

  2. After filling out the Custom Workout Plan Intake Form, you will be contacted to go over details regarding the information you provided.

  3. Lucid Motion will commence development of your custom plan. After creating a final draft, Lucid Motion will contact you to go over the plan details. After confirming the plan meets your standards, Lucid Motion will email you the plan after payment has been received.

Custom Workout Plan Intake Form: