Remote Endurance Coaching Plan

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Remote Endurance Coaching Plan

Lucid Motion offers a comprehensive fitness and endurance remote coaching program for a flat-rate of $95/month. Athletes will gain access to several benefits that include the following:

  • Structured daily training plan from a USA Triathlon Certified Coach

  • Free TrainingPeaks account with exportable workouts that can be followed on a watch, phone or computer

  • Unlimited phone, text or email communication as needed

  • Unlimited program adaptability depending on athlete's schedule

  • In-depth monthly progress analysis

  • Nutritional advice

  • Endurance, strength & recovery training with accompanying videos

How Remote Coaching Plan Works:

  1. After Training Peaks account is setup, Lucid Motion will populate your calendar with workouts that are available for view

  2. Depending on which smart-watch or phone application athlete uses, Lucid Motion will ensure that workouts can be viewed while workouts are in-session. This will allow the athlete to hear or view prompts indicating whether they are following prescribed workout correctly.

  3. Lucid Motion will review workout information throughout the week and make adjustments based on performance.

  4. Feedback will be provided at the end of each week and intermittently during the weekdays. Athletes can reach Lucid Motion coach as often as needed via phone call, text, email or zoom call.

Required Items:

  • One Bluetooth heart rate monitor device (watch or strap)

Heart rate data is critical information for assessing progress, exertion and developing workout plans. Many smart watches provide heart rate information, albeit some better than others. Heart rate chest straps that connect to cellphone via Bluetooth are another great option . If you have questions regarding this equipment and its compatibility with the Lucid Motion program, please contact

How to Sign up for Monthly Remote Coaching:

  1. Fill out the Remote Coaching Questionnaire (see below)

  2. Lucid Motion will schedule a follow-up meeting to confirm questionnaire information and fine-tune your custom coaching plan.

  3. Lucid Motion will develop and present details about your macro & micro coaching plan. After payment has been made, Lucid Motion will setup your TrainingPeaks account and your workouts will be available for view.

Remote Coaching Intake Form: